Digital validation process with human model IMMA

Digital validation process with human model IMMA

Are you digitally validating your work places and products with consideration of the human, paths for objects and flexible parts? IPS integrated into the validation process, enables a tremendous contribution to the development process.

Webinar: Digital validation process with the human model IMMA including assemblies for objects, cables and hoses in 2D and VR

Would you like to simulate and predict human motions, behaviors and digitally analyze reachability, visibility and assemblies instead of performing many unnecessary and costly iteration loops? You will find the right answers in our Webinar.

During the webinar, you will have an opportunity to experience in 60 minutes how a digital human model interacts realistically in a simulation and VR environment. Additionally, you will be able to experience the combination of a collision free path planning for objects and the digital human and the interaction with flexible parts such as cables and hoses.

Exciting use cases from practice and an impressive live demo will be shown at the webinar.

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Content of the webinar:

  • Challenges in the industry
  • Detailed assembly simulation for objects and humans
  • Scenarios including cables and hoses during assembly
  • Going through one use case from start to end / What are the results?
  • Assembly simulations in the Virtual Reality environment
  • Live demo of the software
  • Exchange with experts in live chat


  • 60 minutes (presentation + live demo)
  • 20 minutes exchange with experts in live chat


  • The webinar is in English

Attending the webinar is free-of-charge.

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Attending the webinar is free-of-charge.


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